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Find a chiropractor for back pain in Tulsa, no matter how minor or severe it might be. Marshall Chiropractic can help correct that lower back pain. Back pain includes lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain or low back pain with sciatica. Nerve and muscular problems, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis can result in back pain. Dr. Marshall is a premier chiropractor for lower back pain in Tulsa. He has 15 years of experience helping patients with their back pain. Call (918) 494-0929 to see the doctor today.

Sitting Related to Lower Back Pain Experts Say

Many experts agree that one of the main causes of lower back pain can be traced back to prolonged sitting. It’s no secret that the majority of the world spends a lot of time sitting. We sit at work, we sit at home, we sit while driving, and we sit to relax.

It can feel like that the only time we are not sitting is when we are moving to the next place to do more sitting. But because of this, back pain has become a common problem among adults and even in some cases, young children.

While we know that it is likely impossible to avoid sitting, there are few ways for you to help with the problem and start creating a more back friendly environment.

Few are a few suggestions to get started.

  • Take Breaks Through the Day (Get Up and Stretch Your Legs)
  • Change Your Sitting Positions Throughout the Day
  • Take Walk During Work Hours (even if it’s just 15 minutes)
  • Do Stretches During the Day
  • Considering Investing In a Stand Up Desk (if your job permits)
If you are suffering from intense lower back pain, considering scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. Treatment and tips can be offered from coming to see a professional.

The goal is to make sure that your spine is kept healthy, strong, and in place throughout the work week and weekend.

The Connection Between The Feet & Lower Back

Studies show that back pain is becoming more and more common among adults in the US. Back pain can be the result of several different reasons and one of those can be the feet. We know what you’re thinking. What role could your feet possible play in causes back pain? That’s a great question and we’re here to provide an answer.

Research shows that humans we not meant to be waking on hard surfaces such as marble, tile, wood, and concrete, but these are the most common surfaces throughout our society. Instead, feet were made to walk on much softer terrains such as grass, sand, dirt, and other natural floorings throughout the earth. But with the advancement and progression of the human race, we find ourselves far from the natural terrains mentioned above. Although these terrains are more ideal for the structure of the foot, the hard surfaces of the cities and buildings are not going anywhere.

The issue is that when the feet are unsupported, either by the ground or our shoes, they are not performing their job which is to act as a shock absorber for the body. And because this happens, it forces the knees to work twice as hard, cause damage to them. It will eventually move the lower back and start to take a toll that could result in pain and damage.

So What Do We Do?

There are a few things we can do to ensure the feet are taken care of and are able to perform properly for the body. Find yourself a pair of well-structured shoes and better yet, find a pair made by a company that understands proper foot structure.

Get your lower back adjusted by a chiropractor. Everything needs to get aligned and only then can all the parts start functioning properly.

The point is that taking care of your feet can help in more ways than one. Don’t ignore it.

A Few Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Are you suffering from upper back pain? Even though it is not as common as lower back pain, patients still suffer from it. Depending on the reason and the level of the pain, it can make life difficult for patients. When sleeping, sitting, and working becomes hard, it might be time to see a chiropractor. Lucky for patients, upper back pain is easily treatable and relief is not far from those willing to schedule an appointment with their local chiropractor.

The upper back is the piece of your spine that is between your neck and your abdomen. While your neck and lower back are flexible, your upper back is there for stability. It doesn’t have as many moving parts and is less susceptible to strain or harsh injury. However, this doesn’t mean that upper back pain can’t happen.

Patients who hold unhealthy postures throughout the week, most common at office jobs, are putting strain on the lower back. Not just poor posture, but any type of strenuous activities and motions can cause pain in the upper back. Doing things like improper lifting could cause joints to become stiff and immobilized. When joint dysfunction happens, upper back pain usually follows.

This type of dysfunction is usually a result of stress that is caused by moving and sitting incorrectly. But that doesn’t mean that mental and emotional stress is off the table. Emotional stress can result in tensed shoulders and irritated nerves. All of these types of stress can cause upper back pain.

Chiropractic care has been proven to resolve upper back pain without the use of medication and surgery. Sometimes, simple treatment applied and a change in habits can help solve a lot of these issues. Doing things like getting massages, exercising, and stretches can create long-term solutions rather than short-term relief.

Adjustments for Back Pain

Back pain is simply a result of the spine being misaligned. When the spine is out of place, it can cause pain, make it difficult to move, and even effect nerve functionally. Chiropractors are trained to use non-invasive techniques in order to put the spine back into alignment. This helps to restore functionally, create a natural healing process, and allow for the pain to subside over time. Patients who are suffering from neck and back pain can find relief without having to rely on heavy doses of medication or surgery. Chiropractors can also treat patients who are having trouble with movement and lack of muscle strength. Those who choose chiropractor care can also find themselves getting off of medication, even ones they have been taking for years.

Spinal realignment is simply aligning the spine and the surrounding muscles with surgical means. It allows for the patient’s body to step into its natural healing process. Too often do patients believe they need intense surgery when really they simply need an adjustment. This process is applied to the joints that have been restricted in movement as a result of tissue injury. Most of the time, these tissue injuries are a result of trauma such as car accidents, accidental falls, lifting improperly, or sports injury.

Pressure is applied to the spine of the patients and allows for the body to be put back the way its suppose to be. Because everyone is different, an evaluation usually takes place at the office. The chiropractor is able to determine what the patient needs and then lays out a treatment that is right for them. The goal is to reduce any pressure that might be built up and reduce overall pain.

This type of care is growing throughout the US and is allowing patients to not fully rely on medication or expensive treatments.

Common Causes and Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is several different joints combined with tendons and muscles that allow full range of motion to the arm. As many people know, the functionally of the shoulder plays a crucial part in everyday life. From scratching your back to raising your arms, the shoulder is a key component of the body. Shoulder pain can be caused by several different reasons, but most involve problems with the soft tissue-muscles and tendons. These problems will usually fall into one of these categories: Tendonitis, Injury, or Arthritis. Each one of these has a different form of treatment but can all lead to shoulder pain. Let’s take a look.

A tendon, simply put, is just a cord that connects bone to muscle. Tendonitis is a result of a wearing process that happens over time. It can be caused by activities such as sports or it can be work-related. Another reason is as we mentioned before, sometimes that happens over time and comes with age. The third reasons is that the tendon has somehow been torn, usually from a serious injury or accident.

An injury can occur when the bones in the shoulder move or are forced out of place. This results in dislocation of the shoulder and can cause instability, pain, and even mobility. A good way to tell if something is out of place is by raising your hand. If you feel like the shoulder is moving out of place or if there is discomfort, an adjustment may be needed.

Arthritis is most common, especially those who are older. It is simply the wear and tear that causes inflammation of the joint. This can cause stiffness, swelling, and pain. It can be the result of work, activities, or simply age.

If anyone is experiencing what we’ve listed above, it is a good idea to see a chiropractor. They are pain management doctors that focus on finding the cause and recommend a treatment plan. Whether the pain is small or intense, we encourage you to seek out treatment.

How to Lift Safely

When a patient is suffering from back pain, it can make everyday life extremely difficult. Frustration and stress come into play as you find it hard to simply do everyday tasks. One of the main causes of back pain is improper lifting techniques. Most of time the object doesn’t even have to be overly heavy to cause damage. Understanding and applying proper lifting techniques can help people avoid back pain. Most of the time people do not take the time to lift correctly until after they are in pain. Below are some simple tips when lifting heavy objects.

Evaluate the Object

Before you attempt lifting up something, be sure you understand the weight and composition of it. Take time to see how easily it moves or doesn’t move. If you even slightly have trouble shifting the object, it might be wise to get assistance. Be sure that the path is clear before you and you have the opportunity to stop and rest if need be.

Stand Close

When you stand closer to the object, it will be easier to lift. Stand shoulder width apart, to ensure stability, before you attempt to lift the object. You want to make sure you have the full motion of your legs.

Bend the Knees

When it’s time to lift, bend your knees and make sure your back is straight. Avoid ending your waist as it puts strain on the lower back. This also lowers your chance of causing injury to your lower back. Keep your spine straight, tightened your core muscles, and lift with your legs.

Set the Object Down

When you’ve arrived at your destination with the item, bend your legs and set it down slowly. Be sure to keep the item close and your back straight. When you have placed the item down, stand up using your legs. Avoid bending your back when lifting and when setting the item down.

These are a few ways to make sure you are lifting objects correctly. Our goal is to help you avoid injury. However, if you have an injury as a result of lifting improperly schedule an appointment with our staff.



Long-Term Solutions for Low Back Pain

Chiropractors are pain management doctors and body mechanic experts that focus on providing non-surgical treatment for the body. They focus on understanding the spine, nervous system, and specialize in spinal manipulation. Studies over the years have shown that the manual therapy used by chiropractic care has been an effective treatment for low back pain. It has been proven to treat patients with low back pain, even those who have suffered from it for years.

Chiropractic care focuses on providing a long-term solution for those with low back pain. It is common for a chiropractor to seek out the root cause before treatment. This enables them to make the right decision and conduct a treatment plan that makes sense for the patient. The treatment is the first step and after, an ongoing plan will be arranged. Long-term maintenance of the spine is crucial in avoiding a relapse to low back pain. Through therapy, the patient is able to keep their back healthy and spine aligned.

Spinal manipulation is simply the art of spotting misalignments and adjusting them. In early care of lower back pain, a treatment plan will put a patient on a schedule. This varies from patient to patient depending on the level of pain. This type of care is focused on keeping up with the body as opposed to a one-time fix. Even a couple times a month of seeing a chiropractor can be helpful in maintaining alignment and spinal health.

Restore and Increase

Patients will receive different types of movements, stretching, and manipulation to enable the joints and muscles to work. The goal is to restore or increase the range of motion within these areas. Often times, chiropractors will recommend daily exercises or stretches that can be done at home or work. The goal is to keep the body functioning healthy and moving the way it needs to be. This helps to avoid low back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain.

Don't Leave Your Spine Behind

The spine is one of the most crucial components of the human body. It is made up of twenty-four moveable bones and plays a key role in our movements. The spine supports our weight, holds us upright, and protects our spinal cord as well as our nerves. Therefore, it makes sense that we would want to do everything we can to ensure it’s taken care of.

The spine is not something we think about very often. Like much of our other body parts, we aren’t aware of it until something is off. The moment we hurt ourselves lifting or stretching is usually the only time we remember we have a spine. But how different would our life be if we were consistently taking care of it?

Our goal as a practice is to ensure that your spine is functioning at the level it needs in order to do its job. The spine has our back, literally. The spine is our partner and our asset when making sure that our nerves are protected as they branch out to the other parts of the body. It is the member of the body that ensures that we can operate and function at our highest level.

Regular visits are crucial if we wish to keep our body in line. It allows us to catch mishaps before they turn into larger problems and enables us to achieve wholeness in health. A healthy spine means a healthy body and a healthy life. We never want you to get to the point where you can no longer sit up straight, pick up things, or even have difficulty walking. Our services give you the opportunity to ensure that your spine is doing what it's supposed to do.

If you have any further questions regarding the spine and its functions they can be answered by our doctors. We invite you to our office to show you what we do, how we do it, and how it is a benefit to your life. We must take care of our bodies so they can take care of us. Don’t leave your spine behind. Begin your regular visits today with our staff.

We look forward to taking care of you.

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Building a Strong Lower Back

It’s true that most people do not realize how crucial or how often they use their lower back until something happens. When injury strikes, the pain can sometimes be unbearable. It slows progress in every aspect of life and makes even the simplest movements difficult. Simply put, it throws a big wrench in your life routines and frustration begins to settle in.

First off if this happens and the pain becomes overwhelming it’s important to schedule time with our chiropractors Tulsa professionals. We provide effective treatment that has treated many different patients over the years. Even those who are suffering from chronic pain have found relief in consistent visits to our practice. Our goal is to see every person reclaim their life and say goodbye to the low back pain they feel is overtaking their life.

However, the most important thing we can do as chiropractors Tulsa professionals passes on the knowledge on how to build a strong lower back. Studies have shown that patients who exercise regularly and partake in spinal treatment (chiropractics) have seen great improvement in their functionally as well as reduction in pain.

We can’t stress the importance of exercising as it helps build a strong core and abdomen which are crucial for having a healthy and strong back. If these aspects are weak, then the lower back will be weak and more prone to injury. There are many other ways to increase strength in the lower back and our chiropractors would love to go over them with you.

Stretching is also a great way to ensure that tight muscles are being loosened. However if not done properly stretching can often time hurt rather than help. Be sure to consult with our team or a professional gym trainer before stretching. You want to make sure that you are doing everything right and giving your body what it needs.

Schedule an appointment with our chiropractors Tulsa professionals and let’s talk about keeping that lower back in check.


Sciatica is described as pain that radiates along the course of the sciatic nerve. The pain is most often down through the area of the buttocks and the back side of the leg to below the knee. It can occur with or without low back pain. We have many patients that have started care here with symptoms just like that.

Sciatica is a very common condition that usually has a very good prognosis with conservative chiropractor Tulsa treatment. We have seen excellent results here at Marshall Chiropractic & Wellness Center with our patients who have sciatica. What follows may include numbness, tingling, or weakness within the legs. It starts in the lower back and will travel down to the legs. Chiropractor Tulsa care can play a huge role in the recovery of leg pain.

Chiropractor Tulsa Professionals Determine Main Cause

If you are experiencing numbness or any type of leg pain we want to see you. The goal is to determine the main cause of the pain and fix the issue at it's core. When the lower back is experiencing irritation it will effect other parts of the body. Our staff will focus on adjusting and resolving the issue with the spine so that the leg pain can cease. We provide spinal adjustments, stretching, massage therapy, and give you the knowledge on what you can do on your own. Our goal as a practice is to find the best treatment to bring resolve to the pain in your legs.

By adjusting the spine we can get other things back in order with your body. The spine is connected and connects many different parts of the body. It is the core function that allows blood to flow and the nerves to operate. When we can take care of the spine, we can ensure health flows to the rest of the body.

If you know any one who may be experiencing sciatica like symptoms, don’t hesitate to let them know we can help. Call (918) 494-0929. Thank you and have a blessed day!




Did You Know?

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body.

*Merck Manual 17th edition

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