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All Ages and Walks of Life Treated

At Marshall Chiropractic, Dr. Marshall treats patients of all ages and walks of life. We believe every patient is unique and each patient is given a specific treatment plan and specific technique according to their specific needs.
Pediatric Care and Pregnancy
When Dr. Marshall was an intern at the Parker Clinics in Dallas, Texas he attended many seminars learning about pediatric chiropractic techniques. He also learned how to adjust expecting mothers. Pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care should be practiced a bit differently. That’s why Dr. Marshall wanted to receive the proper tools and training for treating expecting mothers and their children.
Dr. Marshall has treated infants just hours old, including his own children. Children can receive chiropractic care for overall health or for specific injuries. As we all know, sometimes children can have accidents. Whether slipping off the slide at the playground or falling awkwardly on a trampoline, children are injury prone. When accidents happen, bring your kids in for a spinal checkup to make sure everything is moving properly. Taking care of issues now can help prevent bigger issues from arising as they age.
Expecting mothers find chiropractic care to be very helpful as well. Some conditions treated by a chiropractor during pregnancy are lower back pain and sciatica. Lower back pain is very common amongst expecting mother’s and is often very treatable. Sciatica is a medical condition where the sciatic nerve is pressed against either by a disc or muscle. Chiropractic care can help remove this pressure and help relieve symptoms.
The pelvis is ever changing leading up to the birth process and sometimes needs a gentle adjustment. The baby can also press against uncomfortable areas during pregnancy. Seeing a chiropractor is the best way to make sure the pelvis and lower back are moving the best way possible. This is important especially leading up to the birth process.
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