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About Your First Visit At Marshall Chiropractic

We want your first visit to be enjoyable as possible. We know that when most visit us, they are in significant pain. Our goal is to help relieve your discomfort quickly. We do our best to help you have
a great experience with every visit to our office.
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Our first goal is to get you out of pain as soon as possible. Our next goal is to correct any issues that may cause the pain to return. At Marshall Chiropractic, you will receive treatment on the first visit. Your first visit will start with our easy paperwork, which only takes a few minutes to complete. We are available to assist if necessary.
After the initial paperwork is completed Dr. Marshall will meet with you in the exam room. He shows he cares by spending time with his patients and getting to know them, ensuring that all questions and concerns are addressed. Dr. Marshall will make sure that you feel completely comfortable with your treatment and will walk you through each step of the process.
A brief examination will be performed focusing on the areas of complaint. X-rays will only be taken if absolutely necessary. We encourage you to explain to the doctor how you were injured or how your back pain started. Before treatment begins, Dr. Marshall will ask about the history of your health as well as ask about previous injuries or auto accidents. You can discuss in detail the type of pain you are experiencing, whether it is low back pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or any other type of pain. Basically, if you have pain in a muscle or a joint, we can help. We are confident that we can find a treatment plan that works best for you.
Next, you and Dr. Marshall will discuss examine findings. Together you will determine the best course of treatment to help your pain go away as quickly as possible. Our goal is to find the most natural and effective way to help you heal. Therapy such as our rolling massage table or e-stim may be administered on the first visit. After the relaxing therapy modalities, you will see Dr. Marshall again for the chiropractic adjustment. Again, you will receive treatment on the first visit!
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why Dr. Marshall is so highly recommended

Dr. Marshall cares and will spend quality time with you on your first visit and every visit going forward. This will help him understand what exactly is going on with your condition so he will know what treatment is best for you.
We have a treatment for almost any musculoskeletal injury and will find a treatment that will work best for you. After a few visits, you should start to feel relief and improvement. Some wonder why they didn’t visit Dr. Marshall sooner!
Contact our office today. We look forward to meeting you!
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The Marshall chiropractic Team

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We look forward to meeting You

Please let us see what we can do for you. Remember, you simply do not have to “just live with it!” Contact our office today.

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