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A common question that arises is whether or not chiropractic treatment is safe for children. Studies have shown that neck and spine manipulation can provide short-term relief for kid’s pain, while others claim that long-term benefits have yet to be established. For adults, there have been some cases where complications have arisen because of treatment. This led to the question of whether children should be receiving chiropractic care for issues with the neck and spine.

The truth is that there is a risk with any type of medical treatment you choose to receive. What is essential is receiving treatment from a medical professional that can be trusted and has a track record of success. Trust is one of the most crucial aspects when getting medical care, especially when it comes to your children.

What Chiropractic Care Should Look Like for Children

Because of this, we recommend that if you are considering chiropractic treatment for your child, make sure that it is cautiously done. Let your family physician know that it is being done and allow for open commutation between them and the chiropractor. Adjustments should always be done gently and slowly to ensure the child’s safety. Chiropractic care should never hurt and should feel like small pokes or a massage to the child.

Chiropractors across the country recommend and endorse treatments for children. Case studies have shown that for those suffering from fevers or ear infections, chiropractic care has been proven to resolve these issues. When the chiropractor was able to remove the nerve interference through spine manipulation, the child was able to overcome these illnesses. There are still parents skeptical of such treatments for their children, but the proof is in the results. We encourage all parents to speak with their family doctor, their local chiropractor and do online research.

Our goal with any patient, whether an adult or a child, is to see them achieve full, optimal health. Marshall Chiropractic would love to answer any questions concerning pediatric chiropractic care or address any concerns you might have come across online.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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