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It’s true that most people do not realize how crucial or how often they use their lower back until something happens. When injury strikes, the pain can sometimes be unbearable. It slows progress in every aspect of life and makes even the simplest movements difficult. Simply put, it throws a big wrench in your life routines and frustration begins to settle in.

First off if this happens and the pain becomes overwhelming it’s important to schedule time with our chiropractors Tulsa professionals. We provide effective treatment that has treated many different patients over the years. Even those who are suffering from chronic pain have found relief in consistent visits to our practice. Our goal is to see every person reclaim their life and say goodbye to the low back pain they feel is overtaking their life.

However, the most important thing we can do as chiropractors Tulsa professionals passes on the knowledge on how to build a strong lower back. Studies have shown that patients who exercise regularly and partake in spinal treatment (chiropractics) have seen great improvement in their functionally as well as reduction in pain.

We can’t stress the importance of exercising as it helps build a strong core and abdomen which are crucial for having a healthy and strong back. If these aspects are weak, then the lower back will be weak and more prone to injury. There are many other ways to increase strength in the lower back and our chiropractors would love to go over them with you.Stretching is also a great way to ensure that tight muscles are being loosened. However if not done properly stretching can often time hurt rather than help. Be sure to consult with our team or a professional gym trainer before stretching. You want to make sure that you are doing everything right and giving your body what it needs.

Schedule an appointment with our chiropractors Tulsa professionals and let’s talk about keeping that lower back in check.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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