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When someone thinks something is important, they’ll call it the “backbone.” When it comes to nearly any everyday task, from getting to our feet to throwing a baseball, we need our backs. That’s why back pain can be so debilitating. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help. Here are just a few reasons to see a chiropractor for back pain.

Targets Pain at the Source

When you’re in pain, you want to make the pain stop. But when we focus on stopping the pain instead of addressing the cause of the pain, we don’t solve the problem. We push it off until later, allowing the issue to become worse. Chiropractic care targets many of the sources of back pain, including spinal misalignment and pinched nerves, offering true pain relief.

Avoids Medication

Medicine has greatly improved in its efficacy throughout the years. However, it’s far from perfect. Medicine isn’t effective for everyone, and some people may experience undesirable side effects. It often isn’t an option for those with allergies or people taking other medications. Chiropractic care is often more effective than medication while avoiding its side effects.

Increases Mobility

Back pain isn’t only unpleasant—it often hinders the sufferer’s mobility, making it difficult to perform tasks. Fortunately, chiropractic care seeks to correct the most significant causes of mobility issues. This is especially true of spinal realignment. Chiropractic care also helps strengthen trunk muscles, further improving mobility and balance.

Safer Than Surgery

In some instances, people require surgery for their recovery. However, invasive surgeries come with risks. This is especially true of surgeries related to the spine. When these surgeries go wrong, the consequences can prove very serious.

We can’t resolve every issue with chiropractic care. But regular chiropractic treatments can help maintain a healthy back by taking care of minor issues before they become major ones. This can help reduce the need for risky, invasive back surgery.

You aren’t healthy if your back isn’t healthy, and that’s the most important reason you should see a chiropractor for back pain. Don’t continue to suffer. Dr. Ryan Marshall is a qualified chiropractor for back pain in Tulsa who can help you on the road to recovery.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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