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Chiropractic care is an integral part of healthcare that has been around for more than a century. This type of care is all about looking at the body as a whole and uses treatments that don't involve surgery or drugs. Sometimes it is hard to know when to think about seeing a chiropractor. Let's take a look at some signs that may suggest you need chiropractic care.

Body Aches and Pain That Never Go Away

Body aches or constant discomfort might be telling you that something is wrong with how your body is aligned, or that some nerves may be pinched. These kinds of problems come from bad posture over a long period, living a sedentary lifestyle, or regularly lifting heavy things. If pain like this is a problem for you and it doesn't seem to get better, you might want to book a visit with a chiropractor.

Constant Headaches or Migraines

There are many reasons someone might get headaches or migraines, like not drinking enough water or not getting enough oxygen. However, problems with your spine or muscles also lead to chronic headaches. Chiropractors help by ensuring proper blood flow and reducing tension in your neck. Proper spinal alignment and muscle function significantly reduce headache frequency, making chiropractic care a safe and effective treatment for headaches.

Problems with Your Muscles and Bones

If one shoulder is higher than the other, one arm is longer than the other, or your pelvis is tilted, this may mean that your body isn't aligned as it should be. A chiropractor helps get things back to where they should be.

Problems Moving Your Neck or Limbs

If it's hard for your neck or limbs to move freely or fully, you might want to consider seeing a chiropractor. They help realign your bones and joints, reducing pain and stiffness and getting your range of motion back to normal.

Sharp Pain in Your Legs

Sharp pain in your legs, or feelings like tingling or numbness in your arms or legs, may mean a nerve is pinched or a disc in your spine is out of place. Chiropractors offer treatments to relieve these problems effectively. 

You've Been in an Accident or Hurt Your Body

Injuries from car accidents, bad falls, or other events misalign your spine or cause other damage. Sometimes you may not feel pain or have symptoms right away. However, chiropractic care after an accident helps you find any problems and keep them from getting worse over time.

You Take a Lot of Painkillers

If you often use medication, especially over-the-counter painkillers, for body aches or muscle pain, you may find it helpful to see a chiropractor. Unlike painkilling drugs, chiropractic treatment is all about getting to the root of your pain to treat it effectively. Chiropractic care may be the drug-free alternative you’ve needed instead of painkillers! 

Pain Keeps Interfering with Your Sleep

Persistent pain interfering with your sleep could indicate that chiropractic care may improve your rest. Treatments to manage the cause of your pain in turn improve your sleep quality.

You're Always Sitting Down

Many of us spend most of our day sitting down, which is hard on the muscles in our neck, shoulders, and back. Regular check-ups with a chiropractor help you avoid long-term issues linked to this lifestyle.

Remember, chiropractic care isn't only about pain relief. It's also focused on maintaining overall health and well-being. While the symptoms we've discussed are essential to recognize, they're not the only indications of the need for chiropractic care. High stress is another component that is effectively managed through chiropractic treatments. Exploring the relationship between chiropractic care and stress reduction shows how treatments go beyond reducing physical tension to balance hormonal states and manage the physical and mental manifestations of stress.

Now that you know some signs to look out for, it's important to remember that the best results come from regular 'maintenance' visits. Also, choosing a trustworthy chiropractor is very important. Take your time to find a professional you're comfortable with and confident in. Chiropractic care has the power to greatly improve our overall health, beyond just managing pain. It encourages a balanced lifestyle. If any of the signs here sound like you, consider chiropractic care! 

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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