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Studies show that back pain is becoming more and more common among adults in the US. Back pain can be the result of several different reasons and one of those can be the feet. We know what you’re thinking. What role could your feet possible play in causes back pain? That’s a great question and we’re here to provide an answer.

Research shows that humans we not meant to be waking on hard surfaces such as marble, tile, wood, and concrete, but these are the most common surfaces throughout our society. Instead, feet were made to walk on much softer terrains such as grass, sand, dirt, and other natural floorings throughout the earth. But with the advancement and progression of the human race, we find ourselves far from the natural terrains mentioned above. Although these terrains are more ideal for the structure of the foot, the hard surfaces of the cities and buildings are not going anywhere.

The issue is that when the feet are unsupported, either by the ground or our shoes, they are not performing their job which is to act as a shock absorber for the body. And because this happens, it forces the knees to work twice as hard, cause damage to them. It will eventually move the lower back and start to take a toll that could result in pain and damage.

So What Do We Do?

There are a few things we can do to ensure the feet are taken care of and are able to perform properly for the body. Find yourself a pair of well-structured shoes and better yet, find a pair made by a company that understands proper foot structure.

Get your lower back adjusted by a chiropractor. Everything needs to get aligned and only then can all the parts start functioning properly.

The point is that taking care of your feet can help in more ways than one. Don’t ignore it.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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