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Chiropractors are pain management doctors and body mechanic experts that focus on providing non-surgical treatment for the body. They focus on understanding the spine, nervous system, and specialize in spinal manipulation. Studies over the years have shown that the manual therapy used by chiropractic care has been an effective treatment for low back pain. It has been proven to treat patients with low back pain, even those who have suffered from it for years.

Chiropractic care focuses on providing a long-term solution for those with low back pain. It is common for a chiropractor to seek out the root cause before treatment. This enables them to make the right decision and conduct a treatment plan that makes sense for the patient. The treatment is the first step and after, an ongoing plan will be arranged. Long-term maintenance of the spine is crucial in avoiding a relapse to low back pain. Through therapy, the patient is able to keep their back healthy and spine aligned.

Spinal manipulation is simply the art of spotting misalignments and adjusting them. In early care of lower back pain, a treatment plan will put a patient on a schedule. This varies from patient to patient depending on the level of pain. This type of care is focused on keeping up with the body as opposed to a one-time fix. Even a couple times a month of seeing a chiropractor can be helpful in maintaining alignment and spinal health.

Restore and Increase

Patients will receive different types of movements, stretching, and manipulation to enable the joints and muscles to work. The goal is to restore or increase the range of motion within these areas. Often times, chiropractors will recommend daily exercises or stretches that can be done at home or work. The goal is to keep the body functioning healthy and moving the way it needs to be. This helps to avoid low back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain.

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