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Knee and leg pain are very common problems for people of all ages. Because we utilize our legs and knees for many daily activities as simple as walking, running, and standing up, risks of injury to these areas of the human body are increased. There are also a multitude of activities and incidents that can lead to knee and leg injuries resulting in pain that ranges from minor to chronic and severe.

Causes of Leg, Ankle Injuries and Knee Pain

Any kind of trauma to the leg area can lead to pain in both the knee, leg and sprained ankle treatment. Trauma can result from stepping the wrong way off of a curb or from more serious incidents such as car accidents, falls, and making contact with objects. Additionally there are genetic conditions that can lead to chronic leg and knee pain including weak alignment and diseases. Oftentimes patients will trigger chronic pain in the knee and leg from overuse or overextension.

Since the leg and knee carry a person’s body weight, pain can result when weight issues are a factor. Regular movement can cause overstressed joints and trigger pain. Misaligned bones and joints in the legs and knees can also lead to other painful conditions including swelling and the inability to move properly. When leg and knee disorders lead to inflammation that goes untreated, it can lead to arthritis.

Leg pain is often associated with muscular problems. The ligaments and tendons in the leg can become strained, torn, or sprained, leading to chronic pain and a difficulty in walking. Leg conditions can exacerbate knee conditions, causing more pain.

Treating Knee, Ankle Pain and Leg Pain

Chiropractic care can be highly beneficial to patients experiencing painful conditions in their legs and knees. It can also be an effective method for healing after injury or surgeries to treat leg and knee pain.

Chiropractic methods including stretching, joint manipulation, and exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles in the knees and the legs. A chiropractor can evaluate the range of motion you have in your leg and track how your knee is aligned during regular walking and running. Stress on the knee joints can be evaluated to determine its impact on activity.

In addition to chiropractic care to heal and eliminate knee and leg pain, it may be recommended that proper therapeutic shoes and footwear be implemented to provide added protection and strengthening benefits during activity. Many times, improper footwear leads to chronic pain and conditions because shoes are not properly supporting the body. Arch support and adequate cushioning are essential parts of promoting strength and stability in the legs and knees.

Early Treatment Critical

When pain is experienced in either the knee or leg or both at the same time, it is critical that the situation is evaluated as soon as possible. Ignoring pain in any part of the body can lead to more painful conditions and chronic issues that take much more intervention than if an early diagnosis was sought.

Early intervention and proper therapy can be instrumental in eliminating pain and correcting issues that can lead to other problems. A chiropractic evaluation and therapy program can reduce the long-term damage one can incur on their knee joints and legs. If many symptoms and conditions remain untreated, pain can be persistent and limitations on activity can arise, potentially putting you off your feet and unable to work or participate in other activities. With proper attention to the first signs of pain, the potential for more serious medical intervention including surgery may be avoided.

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