When a patient is suffering from back pain, it can make everyday life extremely difficult. Frustration and stress come into play as you find it hard to simply do everyday tasks. One of the main causes of back pain is improper lifting techniques. Most of time the object doesn’t even have to be overly heavy to cause damage. Understanding and applying proper lifting techniques can help people avoid back pain. Most of the time people do not take the time to lift correctly until after they are in pain. Below are some simple tips when lifting heavy objects.

Evaluate the Object

Before you attempt lifting up something, be sure you understand the weight and composition of it. Take time to see how easily it moves or doesn’t move. If you even slightly have trouble shifting the object, it might be wise to get assistance. Be sure that the path is clear before you and you have the opportunity to stop and rest if need be.

Stand Close

When you stand closer to the object, it will be easier to lift. Stand shoulder width apart, to ensure stability, before you attempt to lift the object. You want to make sure you have the full motion of your legs.

Bend the Knees

When it’s time to lift, bend your knees and make sure your back is straight. Avoid ending your waist as it puts strain on the lower back. This also lowers your chance of causing injury to your lower back. Keep your spine straight, tightened your core muscles, and lift with your legs.

Set the Object Down

When you’ve arrived at your destination with the item, bend your legs and set it down slowly. Be sure to keep the item close and your back straight. When you have placed the item down, stand up using your legs. Avoid bending your back when lifting and when setting the item down.

These are a few ways to make sure you are lifting objects correctly. Our goal is to help you avoid injury. However, if you have an injury as a result of lifting improperly schedule an appointment with our staff.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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