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If you’ve recently been in an accident, you might be wondering, “How soon after a car accident should I see a chiropractor?” The answer is immediately. Car accidents are serious, and even if you don’t feel pain currently, injuries may still manifest hours or days after the accident.

One of the most common conditions after a car crash is whiplash. Chiropractors can help with whiplash, but you should go to the emergency room or see your primary care physician before seeking guidance from a chiropractor. Here are a few things to know if you or someone you know has been in an accident recently.

Know the Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash is the most common car accident-related injury that chiropractors treat. Its name comes from the resemblance between the backward and forward movement of your body and the lashing of a whip.

Whiplash causes great stress to your soft tissues and intervertebral discs, so if you think you are suffering from this condition, seek professional help as soon as possible. Some of the most common symptoms of whiplash are pain in the neck, shoulder, back, or arm, blurred vision, a burning or tingling sensation where the pain is, and dizziness. However, other symptoms include headache, nausea, insomnia, and even depression.

After an accident, whiplash victims might seem fine, but within 48 hours, the pain will begin in full and worsen as time goes on. Searching for a chiropractor who specializes in injuries from car accidents is the best treatment option. For example, if you are looking for an auto accident chiropractor in Tulsa, a personal injury attorney might know chiropractors who helped their past clients.

Seek a Chiropractor Immediately if You Are Experiencing Symptoms

Upon receiving your diagnosis for whiplash, seek treatment from a chiropractor immediately. Waiting for a settlement from the accident will not benefit you in the long run because chiropractic treatment is necessary directly after a whiplash diagnosis.

Many health insurance providers do not cover chiropractic treatment, but you might receive compensation or reimbursement for treatment in your settlement. Ideal circumstances call for a visit to a chiropractor within 72 hours of the accident.

The chiropractor will perform a physical examination during your first visit, record X-rays, and document your medical history. After this, your chiropractor will give you a holistic treatment that forgoes surgery, medication, and other invasive procedures.

Ask Your Chiropractor About Treatment

In addition to manipulating your spine by hand, a chiropractor might treat your injury with electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, a massage, or a different non-invasive procedure. Since you won’t know how long your treatment will last beforehand, chiropractors can reduce your overall medical expenses by preventing you from exacerbating the injury or reinjuring yourself. Overall, they should be able to help you answer the question, “How soon after a car accident should I see a chiropractor?”

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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