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Most people think of chiropractors when they have back problems. Chiropractic adjustments are also useful in headache treatment and migraines. People who suffer from frequent headaches might want to consider visiting the chiropractor. In most cases you will find that Dr Marshall can address symptoms and relieve headaches. Multiple studies over the years shown that chiropractic care is useful to relieve headaches and migraines. In his PHD thesis at Macquarie University, Dr. Peter Tuchin showed that nearly 60% of migraine sufferers experienced reduced symptoms during chiropractic treatment.

In 1978, the ACA Journal of Chiropractic, Dr. JS Wight reviewed chiropractic treatments for headaches used since 1923 and found that the treatment offered a success rate for relieving headache symptoms in 72% to 90% of cases, and offered benefits that lasted years after the patients received treatment. In 1995, the National Institute of Health showed that 48 million people in the US received chiropractic treatment for headaches.

When the vertebrae is misaligned and causes nerve irritation along the spinal column, it can add pressure to the nerves going to and from an individual’s brain. Chiropractors can focus on re-aligning the vertebrae with gentle adjustments, which give relief to headache sufferers. Many people turn to chiropractors to assist with headaches without the use of drugs. When the condition causing the pain is treated, such as the misaligned vertebrae, the body can begin to heal itself.

Considerations for Chiropractor Tulsa Treatment for Headaches

Chiropractic treatment for headaches is not a treatment of condition in the same way that taking medication to dull the pain is. You may need other treatments for your headaches and migraines even while seeing a chiropractor for relief of symptoms.

Make sure you choose your chiropractor carefully and that you are comfortable with him or her. We recommend researching that he or she is trained in the techniques of chiropractic care. Never let someone with good intentions but without expert knowledge in chiropractic care “work on your back” or try to adjust your spine for you, no matter how much they think they can help you!

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