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Chiropractic care is a specialized service that you don’t receive during your annual checkup. For this reason, many people ask themselves, “Does my insurance cover my chiropractic care?”

In this guide, you will learn the answer to this question as well as other information regarding health insurance and chiropractic care. With this in mind, here is what you should know about what insurance will and will not cover.

Medical Insurance Covers Chiropractic Care

The short answer to this question is yes. Most insurance plans will cover chiropractic care in some capacity. In addition, both Medicaid and Medicare also cover chiropractic care. However, some of these insurance programs might have certain restrictions on what they will cover.

Private insurance has covered chiropractic work for over two decades, but public insurance options have only covered it since 2020 as an alternative treatment solution to addictive painkillers. Nonetheless, insurance companies cover chiropractic care because it saves them money by keeping their customers healthy and safe. Preventative care is often less costly than medical treatment, so insurance companies would rather cover things like chiropractor visits and gym memberships than surgeries and physical therapy.

Chiropractic Services That Insurance Will Cover

Insurance companies cover a variety of chiropractic procedures. Some examples of what they cover include spinal manipulation for treating subluxation, procedures for managing chronic pain, and specific treatments for back and neck pain.

Spinal manipulation is the treatment option that insurance companies cover most often. In addition, insurance companies will cover your X-rays to diagnose a condition that may require chiropractic care.

When You Need a Referral

Depending on your type of plan and healthcare provider, you may need to seek a referral from someone in your insurance network before they will cover chiropractic care. Most companies will at least cover licensed chiropractors in your state, but sometimes they will still require your primary care doctor to collaborate with your chiropractor to create a short-term treatment plan.

Overall, your chiropractor should be able to work with your insurance provider for you to receive coverage, so you won’t have to ask yourself, “Does my insurance cover my chiropractic care?” ever again. If you are looking for high-quality Tulsa chiropractic care, be sure to reach out to us for the services we offer.

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