The shoulder is several different joints combined with tendons and muscles that allow full range of motion to the arm. As many people know, the functionally of the shoulder plays a crucial part in everyday life. From scratching your back to raising your arms, the shoulder is a key component of the body. Shoulder pain can be caused by several different reasons, but most involve problems with the soft tissue-muscles and tendons. These problems will usually fall into one of these categories: Tendonitis, Injury, or Arthritis. Each one of these has a different form of treatment but can all lead to shoulder pain. Let’s take a look.

A tendon, simply put, is just a cord that connects bone to muscle. Tendonitis is a result of a wearing process that happens over time. It can be caused by activities such as sports or it can be work-related. Another reason is as we mentioned before, sometimes that happens over time and comes with age. The third reasons is that the tendon has somehow been torn, usually from a serious injury or accident.

An injury can occur when the bones in the shoulder move or are forced out of place. This results in dislocation of the shoulder and can cause instability, pain, and even mobility. A good way to tell if something is out of place is by raising your hand. If you feel like the shoulder is moving out of place or if there is discomfort, an adjustment may be needed.

Arthritis is most common, especially those who are older. It is simply the wear and tear that causes inflammation of the joint. This can cause stiffness, swelling, and pain. It can be the result of work, activities, or simply age.

If anyone is experiencing what we’ve listed above, it is a good idea to see a chiropractor. They are pain management doctors that focus on finding the cause and recommend a treatment plan. Whether the pain is small or intense, we encourage you to seek out treatment.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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