When physical activity is performed by the human body many things are at work. Signals are sent from your bodies control center, the brain, to the rest of the body. For example, a signal can be sent from the brain to your leg to tell it to move forward during running. This signal travels from the brain through the spinal cord where it exits through a nerve to the muscle that controls your leg. If there are misalignments in the spine these signals may be weakened or disrupted. Chiropractic checkups will eliminate the problems that can arise from a misaligned spine during physical activity.

Tulsa professional can help is by aligning the muscle groups. What do muscles attach to? They are attached to bones with tendons. If there are two bones misaligned then there is at least one muscle that is pulled or stretched further than it should be. A muscle could also be shortened more than it should be. It is easy to see how this could cause an injury. A pulled hamstring from a misaligned pelvis is one of many examples.

When to Seek a Sports Injury Chiropractor

At the first sign of injury or pain get your spine checked right away. Catching small problems before they turn into big ones! The sooner a problem is dwelt with, the sooner the pain will be gone and normal activity can resume. Take care of your body and keep training hard!

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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