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For a lot of us, the New Year is a chance to set goals and look towards the future of who we want to be. This includes a healthier version of ourselves. For most of us, there is always room to take better care of our bodies, get better sleep, and eat healthier food. With chiropractic care being an essential competent to your well-being (if it’s not, we invite you to schedule an appointment), along with that comes habits formed outside of the office.

This includes fitness training.

Now, before you run away at the sound of fitness training, we encourage you to stick around. Not all fitness programs are created equal and not all programs are made for everyone. The goal is to find a fitness program that works well for your body, your schedule, and what you want to achieve. Not everyone hits the gym because they want to lift a car over their head. Most people don’t. Most people are simply looking to stay active, drop weight, and maintain a level of health that matches their body and age.

Let’s take a look at the different options for fitness training!

Group Programs

Sometimes it’s hard to do things on your own. While some can be self-motivated, others need a little push. Group programs are a great way to ensure you are showing up and doing the work. The fitness trainers focus on motivating the entire group while also focusing on individual achievement. And, you have a community of people who want to see you reach your goals.

Body Weight Training

Think of a boot camp. Body weight training is popular among certain groups, particularly women. It doesn’t require any type of equipment and can be done almost anywhere, weather permitted. While there are boot camp programs around the city, there are also videos and online courses that will demonstrate what do do. Find the program that works best for you.

Strength Training

This is a little more serious. For those who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle mass, strength training is going to be for you. Strength training involves lifting and pushes you towards a greater physical condition than you have currently. There are different programs, both group and single, that can help you achieve your goal.


Yoga has become more and more common throughout the years as if provides both health and emotional benefits. Yoga is a complete body, soul, and mind workout. For those who are looking to relax, yet push their body towards a better lifestyle, yoga might be for you.

Closing Thoughts

While these are just a few of the fitness programs out there, we encourage you to research and even try out different ones. We hope to see everyone achieve their health goals while also receiving chiropractor care to maintain a pain-free and adjusted body.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DC


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