Auto Accident Chiropractor Tulsa

Getting into a car accident can leave you with long-lasting side effects. Even if you walk away from the crash, you can still suffer from pain. When you need a car accident chiropractor in Tulsa, contact Marshall Chiropractic. Dr. Marshall has been practicing for 15 years and can help you with any lingering pain and effects from an accident. Schedule an appointment with a skilled auto accident chiropractor in Tulsa and feel better.

Chiropractor Care After Car Crashes or Motorcycle Accidents

Between 20 and 50 million people are injured every year because of car crashes and motorcycle accidents. Most of the time they happen unexpectedly and leave the driver(s) in a world of stress, confusion, and injury. While contacting your insurance agency is important and should happen immediately, getting your body checked out is equally as important. Waiting too long to be seen by a medical professional or chiropractor can lead to problems down the road. Most victims can be so focused on the outward injury that they forget about what could be happening internally. There have been many car accident victims that, because there was no outward injury, did not seek medical insight. This is a mistake and could cause serious issues for the body down the road.

This happens time and time again, people get into an auto accident and don’t come to get checked out. Chiropractors encourage patients to schedule a time to get reviewed. They are trained to evaluate the body and properly treat injuries such as whiplash, the most common after an accident. Often times patients receive the care they need and get relief fast. A chiropractor can also inform you if additional medical treatment is necessary.

Finding The Right Treatment After Your Auto Accident

Chiropractic care addresses a vast variety of injuries, ranging from neck problems to headaches, and lower back issues. All treatment is based upon the extent of the injuries and seriousness of it. There is no such thing as one size fits all treatment for those who have been in a car accident. Our goal is to find the best treatment and move in that direction.

Chiropractor care can be hugely beneficial for those suffering from soft tissue injuries, neck and back issues, whiplash, and others that occur after a car accident. However, there are injuries that require more specific medical tests. Be sure to consult with your chiropractor and your doctor to make sure you are receiving the right treatment from the right person. But most importantly, make sure you have an examination after an accident whether you think you need it or not.

After An Auto Accident

Auto accidents can range from a simple fender bender to a life-threatening collision. But, no matter the severity, they can suddenly affect your life in unexpected ways. You may not feel it right away but your body has just taken a beating. Auto accidents, no matter how minor, affect us in ways we may not notice immediately.

After any accident, our first step should always be to seek help. Either from a doctor at an emergency room or to see your primary care physician. First, to determine and make sure that your bones are still intact and second, to make certain that you aren’t in any life-threatening danger. Afterwards, seeking chiropractic care should be your next step. Dr. Marshall’s first concern is to get you out of pain. Consistent chiropractic care can help you maintain adjustments. These immediate treatments can lead to correction without life-long repercussions.

As you know, chiropractic professionals are able to treat neck and back injuries. But, they can also treat and correct whiplash injuries and help with soft tissue pain.

Many times symptoms of whiplash will occur immediately. Pain in the neck, loss of range-of-motion and headaches are some of the symptoms that can be caused by a car wreck. Some patients also experience blurred vision, ringing in the ears and even trouble sleeping. Some people believe that whiplash injuries only happen due to high-speed collisions. The truth is that a change in speed of only 2-3 miles per hour can cause these type of injuries. Though these pains can show up right after the accident occurs. Many times these issues won't present themselves until months later. Even if you think there may not be a serious injury to blame, it's always a good idea to visit a chiropractor for an evaluation.

Inflammation can also occur when you are involved in an accident. Swelling and inflammation can cause even more problems. It can slow the healing process. Inflammation will cause blood and nutrients to have a difficult time getting to the areas they need to. Visiting your chiropractor for adjustments will mobilize your spine. As well as allow it to begin the healing process.

Students of chiropractic's are taught how to treat back and neck pain without the help of pharmaceuticals. Pain management is important in the treatment of bodily injuries. Doing this without getting stuck in a prescription drug cycle is the goal of chiropractic care.

Dr. Marshall has three goals in mind when treating each of his patients.

1. Relieve Pain:

Life is better when lived pain-free. Regular chiropractic care is essential to reaching and maintaining this goal.

2. Restoring Mobility:

Our range-of-motion affects everything we do. When our spine is out of alignment we are prevented from using our bodies to the capacity they were made to function. Restoring mobility will get us back to the full-function of what our bodies were made to do.

3. Supporting Long-Term Healing:

One trip to the chiropractor will help but it won't allow you to fully receive all the benefits of care. Regular adjustments and maintenance check-ups are vital to your health to support life-long wellness.

Visit your chiropractor as soon as possible after an auto accident. 

This will boost your chances of making a full recovery. We look forward to serving you and all of your spinal health needs.

Automobile Accidents Treated by a Chiropractor in Tulsa

Unfortunately car wrecks happen!  When they do happen, have a plan of action to get things back to the way they were. Your health should be top priority.  First determine if your injuries are life threatening or not.  If you are unsure seek medical attention immediately. Next, find the appropriate treatment for your injuries so they do not develop into life-long problems.

Car wrecks can cause damage to your body, specifically the back and spine. Even small collisions can cause lasting problems. When in doubt get the opinion of a health care professional.  Chiropractors treat the back and spine naturally without side effects.  Sometimes other areas of the body can be affected also.  Knees and elbows can be thrown violently around the car from the impact. Chiropractors can help with extremity pain as well.

Immediately after an accident the body initiates an inflammatory response.  The neck and back begin to feel very tight and stiff.  There is now damaged tissue from the collision. The injury from an accident needs to be treated soon after the auto accident.  Early treatment will stop long lasting issues from developing in the spine.

Whether it’s your fault, or someone else’s fault, you should still seek medical treatment. Most patients who present for care due to an auto accident will not have any out of pocket expense.  This means auto insurance will cover the cost of care at 100%. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, look no further. Call us today for a free consultation to see if chiropractic care is right for you.