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The treatment of pain is guided by the history of the pain, its intensity, duration, aggravating and relieving conditions, and structures involved in causing the pain. In order for a structure to cause pain, it must have a nerve supply, be susceptible to injury, and stimulation of the structure should cause pain. The concept behind most interventional procedures for treating pain is that there is a specific structure in the body with nerves of sensation that is generating the pain. Pain management has a role in identifying the precise source of the problem and isolating the optimal treatment.

When Children Feel Aches

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Adults are not the only ones who feel aches and pains in their joints. In fact, studies show that 20% of children complain about having some type of leg pain, usually in thigh or calf. Most of the time this can be dismissed as simply growing pains, but that is not always the case. The issue is [...]

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Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe for Children?

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A common question that arises is whether or not chiropractic treatment is safe for children. Studies have shown that neck and spine manipulation can provide short-term relief for kid’s pain, while others claim that long-term benefits have yet to be established. For adults, there have been some cases where complications have arisen because of treatment. [...]

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What Causes Pain Among Children

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Learn More About Our Chiropractor Tulsa Ok Services Hello! We hope that everyone is enjoying their days as we dive into Summer Time. The sun is out and everyone is ready to grill, swim, and enjoy family time. We are excited to see many of our patients enjoy the outdoors again. Our goal is always to [...]

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