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Back Muscle Spasms and Sciatica Pain Treatment

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Back muscle spasms are very annoying — Marshall Chiropractic can help relieve your pain.

Severe Muscle spasms are downright painful. Spasms are involuntary muscle contractions that cause your muscle to shorten. When you are experiencing a spasm, you will feel a tightness or cramping sensation. Spasms can occur all over you body. They are most common in the neck, legs, arms and back.

If you are experiencing a low intensity cramping in the muscle, or a twitch or tick in the muscle, it is likely a muscle spasm. Other common symptoms include 1) severe pain in the muscle, 2) tightening of the muscle, and 3) a sudden sharp unpleasant sensation in the muscle.

There are a variety of causes that can lead to back muscle spasms. One of the most common is prolonged or excessive exercise. When you exercise too often or for very long periods of time, your muscles do not have a chance to relax. As a result, muscle spasms can occur. Muscle spasms can also occur from dehydration, an injury or some type of trauma to the muscle. Muscle spasms can also be symptoms of diseases like multiple sclerosis or MS.

Tulsa back muscle spasms are painful. Severe ones can be downright painful. Let Marshall Chiropractic help get rid of your back muscle spasms pain. Many people find relief from pain with good, consistent chiropractic care. Sciatica Pain Treatment and Sciatica Treatment. Tulsa sciatica treatmentMany people find relief from spasms with good, consistent chiropractic care. Marshall Chiropractic has highly trained medical professionals that use drug free alternative methods to treat patients. Some people are skeptical of visiting a chiropractor. Many swear by Marshall Chiropractic practices for relief.

On your first visit to a chiropractor, you will be asked to share your medical history and explain your current conditions. The chiropractor will then perform an exam. It often includes a check of your range of motion and your neurological muscle function. The chiropractor will also pay close attention to your joint mobility. You also may be sent for x-rays.

After your medical history and exam, the chiropractor will decide on a Tulsa sciatica treatment plan for you. There are a variety of techniques that they may suggest for your care. Any of these suggestions can can help with muscle spasms. Here are some of the most common chiropractic treatments for muscle spasms.


Chiropractors most common treatment is joint manipulation. Most often they manipulate your spine. They can also be trained to manipulate joints in other areas. Manipulation allows your spine and joints to restore normal motion. This in turn leads to reduced pain and a decrease in muscle spasms.


Soft tissue manipulation is another common technique used when treating spasms. Treatment can include therapeutic stretching and massage therapy. These types of treatments help to reduce fluid, reduce scar tissue and provide relief for spasms. It is especially helpful for Tulsa sciatica pain treatment.


The core of Dr Marshall’s chiropractic care is spinal adjustment. These helps reduce nerve irritability responsible for causing muscle spasms, inflammation, nerve pain, and other symptoms related to sciatica. Tulsa sciatica pain treatment can offer prolonged relief to this debilitating injury.

Therapeutic Massage - Tulsa sciatica pain treatmentASSOCIATED THERAPIES

The chiropractor may use associated therapies to treat spasms. This can include hot and cold treatments, electrical stimulation or ultrasound. These therapies greatly help to increase circulation to the muscles. They also prevent swelling of the muscle and prevent scarring. Associated therapies very. They often reduce pain and are a means for prevention of further injury. Of course, the ultimate goal is to reduce the spasm.


Very often chiropractors will also recommend some strength training exercises and stretching moves for you to do in between visits.


Chiropractors are trained in health and nutrition. Chiropractors often recommend diet changes with supplements to support the healing process. Many chiropractors sell supplements at their office.

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