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Treating Leg Pain

By | 2017-11-27T19:40:05+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Blog, Leg Pain|

Pain and soreness in the legs are one of the most common issues that people deal with on a daily basis. Each person’s leg irritation can be caused by several different factors. Which is why it’s important to pay attention to the symptoms partnering with the leg pain. Knowing what is happening and what is [...]

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Long-Term Relief for Knee Pain

By | 2017-11-27T19:51:13+00:00 September 13th, 2017|Blog, Leg Pain|

If knee pain or knee irritation is keeping you from everyday activities or daily routines, it might be time to schedule a consultation with a chiropractor. It’s common for most people to receive medication for knee pain, but painkillers are not often tied to a long-term solution. The purpose of chiropractics is to determine the [...]

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Treatment of Choice for Elbow Pain

By | 2017-11-27T19:53:26+00:00 September 12th, 2017|Blog, Injury, Sports Injury|

As the popularity of chiropractor care grows, more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits. Through research and case studies, chiropractic treatment has been proven to restore strength and promote healing without invasive surgery. Chiropractic care seeks to relieve the patient pain but to also address the remaining components of the body that [...]

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Taking Care of Ankle Pain

By | 2017-11-27T19:56:40+00:00 September 11th, 2017|Blog, Injury, Leg Pain|

If not treated the proper way, ankle injuries can lead to accelerated arthritis or in extreme cases, complete immobility. There is a total of three joints in the ankle, which allow for a lot of movement between the foot and ankle. Even though the ligaments that support the ankle are strong, the ankle is still [...]

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Patient Headaches Cut in Half

By | 2017-11-27T19:59:41+00:00 September 7th, 2017|Blog, Head and Neck Pain|

A migraine normally causes a throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation that is generally on one side of the head. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and usually a strong sensitivity to light. They can often cause pain for hours and, in some cases, for days. Most people who suffer from frequent migraines rely on [...]

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Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe for Children?

By | 2017-11-27T20:02:43+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Blog, Children|

A common question that arises is whether or not chiropractic treatment is safe for children. Studies have shown that neck and spine manipulation can provide short-term relief for kid’s pain, while others claim that long-term benefits have yet to be established. For adults, there have been some cases where complications have arisen because of treatment. [...]

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Auto Accident Chiropractor Care After Car Crashes or Motorcycle Accidents

By | 2018-01-07T17:30:23+00:00 September 5th, 2017|Auto Accidents, Blog, Head and Neck Pain|

Between 20 and 50 million people are injured every year because of car crashes and motorcycle accidents. Most of the time they happen unexpectedly and leave the driver(s) in a world of stress, confusion, and injury. While contacting your insurance agency is important and should happen immediately, getting your body checked out is equally as important. [...]

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A Flip of the Wrist

By | 2017-11-27T20:08:55+00:00 September 4th, 2017|Blog, Hand Pain|

People who are consistently using their hand and wrist experience wrist pain. It is not uncommon for manual workers to suffer from wrist pain as result of their job. In fact, an average of 40% of workers report wrist irritation caused by work. Others victims include athletes such as tennis, rowing, and volleyball players. But [...]

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Don’t Leave Your Spine Behind

By | 2017-11-27T20:14:49+00:00 September 2nd, 2017|Back Pain, Blog|

Our goal as a practice is to ensure that your spine is functioning at the level it needs in order to do its job. The spine has our back, literally. The spine is our partner and our asset when making sure that our nerves are protected as they branch out to the other parts of the body. It is the member of the body that ensures that we can operate and function at our highest level.

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A Better You Means a Better Tomorrow

By | 2017-11-27T20:26:14+00:00 September 2nd, 2017|Blog|

If you are experiencing any type of pain in the neck, the lower back, or the spine schedule your appointment with our staff. This practice was born out the passion and the desire to ensure that no matter what happens we can give you tomorrow. A better you means a better tomorrow.

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